Hi there.

buy finasteride 5mg online “What you can do when you put your mind to something. 

      My name is Max Aaron and I am a kid! That’s right I am 8 years old and hope to help you in any way I can! I grow up being told I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it. My dad taught me never to say I Can’t. Dad has always told me there is no such thing as TRY. There is do or do not! We all have FEAR. The trick is to tame the cobra of fear!”

That was me, at eight years old, trying to help people by sharing my thoughts. Here we are, again, over seven years later. I guess some things never really change.

My name is Max. As the name suggests, this site is all about living at max or living life to the fullest.

I have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Now while many see this as a “disability,” I do not. In fact, I think quite the opposite. My mind is always swirling with rich ideas, always looking for a better way. By nature, I am also quite the devil’s advocate. These two things make for a killer creativity combo.

I have been very fortunate in my life. God has dealt me quite a good hand. My family is financially stable, I live in a safe neighborhood, I have a loving family who always has my best interest at heart, and I know they will support me in anything I desire. Unfortunately, I have always lacked the ability to gauge, throttle and share my emotions accurately. I have also lacked a person to help me fix that problem. For me, it is difficult to do talk about how I’m feeling. I am someone who leads my life based off of data rather than my gut feeling.

Last year was the craziest year of my life. It was filled with adversary, fun, challenges, defeat, amazing new people, some difficult people, more responsibility, and an unpredictability that nearly drove me mad. It all started less than 48 hours before my first day of High School when I hastily decided to transfer to a private school. More specifically, a boarding school. Soon after, I would learn of an entire world I never knew existed: New England Boarding Schools. Ever since my discovery of them, my desire to attend has only grown stronger by the day.

Last year was also my first attempt at applying. Unfortunately, I did not receive the overwhelming acceptance that I was hoping for. That is just one of the many things that made last year a difficult year for me. As a kid, we are told that we can accomplish anything. The adults around us meant to shape us into adults are continually inspiring us, making us feel as if we can conquer the world. This is the first time in my life that I have truly failed at something. I did not get accepted— it’s that simple. I realized, at that moment, that perhaps I could not take on the world as swiftly as I originally anticipated. There were times where I felt like not waking up, not getting out of bed, not doing my hours of homework each night for honors classes that now seemed useless.

Sure I have had struggles before, instability, and just overall chaos in my life, but those were all external things—there was nothing I could do. This was different. This was all on me.

Though last year was the craziest, truthfully, all of my years have been crazy. I’ve learned some pretty incredible lessons along the way.  As I said, talking about how I feel is something that has been difficult for me. This led to me feeling virtually on my own, even when I was practically drowning in a sea of people. I had to reason out ways to overcome problems which were upsetting me on my own. In the process of which, I discovered some interesting ideas, thoughts, and perceptions. I always thought that somebody, somewhere, would be able to gain something from my thoughts. So I very much intend to share them with the world here. My only hope is that somebody, somewhere, can learn or relate to/from my crazy life.

I’m not saying I have any answers. And truthfully, I do not think that there ever is one simple answer to any problem. But, I may just be able to motivate you to push a little bit further, make you think just a little bit harder, or at the very least, give you something interesting to read while on the loo.

Ultimately, it is also worth mentioning that this site is also an overall quest for happiness, to anyone who reads it. As well as a way for me to document myself for future me

As much as this site is about me, my experiences, my thoughts, and my life in general. It’s also about you. I invite you to both read AND write. Let me know what you think. Can you relate to any of my articles? Let’s talk about it! Do you have a different perspective on something I’ve posted about? Let’s collaborate a bit, and we can both learn something!

I encourage you to explore this site and really get a sense of who I am. I talk about my thoughts, opinions, life advice, and so much more! The quickest way to dive in is to click on the “Main Page” button in the top menu. However, if you would like just to read a little more about my crazy life, you can check out the “Me.” section in the menu above. There, I talk about more of my life experiences from a very objective point of view, merely stating what happened and how it made me feel at the time–as if it were current. It is an excellent demonstration of my pure literary ability. But, for the real meat of this site, my general thoughts, opinions, ideas, and inspirational works, feel free to surf around literally every other part of the site.

I hope you enjoy and gain something out of your time spent here.

** order clomid online DISCLAIMER: This project has taken much longer than originally anticipated to launch. As such, I have decided to do a “soft launch” and still continue to work on the basic mechanics of this site. As such, you may experience bugs or glitches throughout use, and we encourage you to reach out and notify me if you experience any issues.**