First Published Essay Hey all, One of the places I’ve done my best writing over the years has been on my Boarding School Essays. I do plan on sharing many more over time, but, I figured this was a good place to start. This essay is in response to the following prompt, “Suppose you have found a time machine and traveled 40 years into the future and have an interview with yourself. What is your life like?”

cause There is a lot of symbolism and allegory in this essay. There are a few sublte messages throughout. It sends a strong message through simple hyperbole. I do hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did theorizing and writing it.

nizoral cream price philippines recommend Without further ado:

alli orlistat buy When I step out of my time machine, I gaze up towards the one familiar thing, the sky. Suddenly, I see a jovial man soaring through the atmosphere playing what can be described as a game of cosmic catch with a beautiful little girl. “What a great dad,” I think to myself.

order proscar The man seems to take notice of my presence. He begins to approach me. I expect him to first bring his child to safety, but she remains within his daughter still in his arms. This interested me, I decided I’ll ask about it later.

The man turns out to be future me and seems to be aware of what’s going on. He says we should talk somewhere more private, and flies me over to the top floor office of the tallest building in the massive city.

When the interview finally commences, I am overjoyed to hear about all of my contributions to the world.

I have not merely taken over the family’s businesses. Instead, I’ve teamed up with the incredible people I met throughout my life to found a philanthropic startup which revolutionized the education sector allowing people to learn more about what interests them from an early age. With the new and improved system, my startup also spreads the gift of knowledge to those less fortunate.

I’ve successfully engineered the Biological Medical Technology device of my wildest dreams. One which not only expands upon the basic principles of medicine but is able to utilize Machine Learning to treat Psychological disorders.

I’ve constructed the Dyson Sphere, and thankfully it has eased political tensions all over the world and put humanity on the right path to becoming a Type 1 civilization.

Speaking of politics, I appeared in multiple United Nations Assemblies and helped to advocate and resolve numerous controversial and difficult global conflicts.

I’m told I did all of this before thirty. In more recent news, I was a sponsor for the eventual world peace agreement, which has been left uncontested thanks to the dynamic and adaptable protocols I added which utilize AI. I am the first man to fly, and a master in a new form of Krav Maga I invented. I was the Grand Aleph Godol of BBYO’s AZA international order. I’ve also married my first-grade crush.

To my dismay, future me still seemed to lack the peacefulness and contentment I’d always hoped I’d learn to contract. It was at that moment my future daughter returned and put a smile upon my face.

I’ve always dreamt about the life I would provide my children. “Just tell me one thing, what’s her name?” I asked eagerly after she left again. “Liberty,” He responded seeming to take a less flashy tone.

Admittedly, this is a lot, even for me. I ask how I was able to accomplish all this. Surely something truly distinguishable happened to make it all possible. Future me then offers the key, “It’s simple, really, this can all be yours–just keep your eyes closed.”


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