When happiness becomes a distraction

best online casino in canada we have ranked Happiness—a construct we all crave. Something that we can never get enough of, and always seems to be lackluster in our lives. However, what happens when you finally achieve this desired state of nirvana? I don’t mean with materialistic things. I mean true temporary happiness. I only say temporary because as we know, all emotion is just that, temporary.

casino slot machine free game download Before I delve in, a quick disclaimer: I am aware that I am weird when it comes to my dealing with emotions. I understand that many of you may not share these same beliefs or problems. Just try to figure if maybe, underneath all of your outer shells, you may share the same thoughts too.

casino slots big wins Now, I don’t know about everybody else, but when I get upset, there is only one logical thing to do, better. When something is upsetting me, it’s usually because I’m distraught with myself–mad that something terrible has happened to me because I wasn’t good enough, didn’t care enough, didn’t have enough grit to see something through, made a stupid mistake. This is sometimes a result of procrastination or an inability to maintain interest over very long periods, but that’s a topic for another day.

slot city online casino So what could be the only antidote? Major changes. I need to do everything I can to ensure that I don’t make the same mistake again. So I go on a superficial “success binge” as I like to call it. I start working out much more vigorously, meditating, reestablishing all of my previously forgotten productivity techniques and “CEO Mindset” practices I learned as a result of way too many YouTube videos. 

This is a fantastic and welcome set of changes for me! However, there’s only one problem, it works. Things begin to slowly but steadily go better mentally, physically, socially, and the results are outstanding. The hard part, instead, is genuinely making this into a lifestyle as I have always planned.

kickapoo casino best slots Because when I get determined like this, I will find success in whatever it is I’m craving. It works so well that my entire mood changes, heck it seems like the whole world changes! Opportunities come jabbing at me in the masses, and everything is coming up Max.

new online casinos no deposit bonus 2019 So, I take those opportunities to better myself, those around me and have some fun. Only I get busy with all my new disciplines. But, I can’t turn down new opportunities, otherwise, what’s the point of my original plan? So, I skip a workout, forget a meditation session, or say I’ll read those pages tomorrow. In other words, my new found happiness becomes a distraction and consumes me until eventually, the whole thing falls apart from the base. It’s as the famous quote goes, “A house divided on itself shall not stand.”

best online casino sites europe Now, I am purely reaping the benefits of my hard work. Until slowly and gradually the similar feeling to a Runner’s High wears off. Until I’m back where I started and make another mistake, triggering the process all over again.

online casino bonus ohne einzahlung 2017 Recently, though, I realized something. I am always frustrated when the unpredictable nature of my life (AKA my family) spoils a plan I have worked so hard to craft perfectly. So, instead of doing my “Million Dollar Mindset” program as I called it, I started the “Realistic Million Dollar Mindset!” The great thing about this iteration is that it is like a chemical equation that always stays balanced. Its flexible, there is give, and there is take. If one thing happens here, then something else happens there. For the first time, I am managing to execute on new plans, while continuing to perform to the highest standard.

taishan online casino hiring I asked myself, “Why do I have this problem at all though?” The answer was simple, the fear of dawdling. My mother may occasionally thinks I am lazy when I don’t take out the garbage. But really, I am worried about wasting time–time that could be better spent learning rocket science, something that will improve my life right now. And I think that this mindset is outlined and dissected wonderfully during this Ted Talk by Tim Urban.

maryland live casino slots odds I encourage all of you to go and watch that video. Then, take a moment to identify some of your strengths and weaknesses. Once you figure out how to build a schedule that compliments you, the possibilities of what you can accomplish in a day change drastically.

hit it rich casino slots monedas gratis I hope you enjoy and be sure to comment down below what you thought of the video and check out some of my other articles!

online casino top ten Happy Xmas Hunting!
– Max

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