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Main blog page. Beside this page, you can find the most recent posts.

If you hover over the “Main Page” option in the menu, you will see all of the post categories. Definitions for each category are as follows.

Everything – All posts, sorted in chronological order.

Thoughts This is a very broad section. It is a compilation of my general thoughts that are meant to be interesting. They are typically very radical and abstract ideas.

Lessons This is a rather specific category. Here, you will find brief accounts of a life experience coupled with an extended analysis of a life lesson learned. While most of these are still interesting, they are typically intended to help enhance your life by acquiring wisdom from the posts here. Furthermore, this is the section where feedback is most prominent. Articles are frequently updated if improved ideas are made through conversation down below.

Tinder Let’s talk. More information on what this section contains can be found here. Alternatively, you can just click and see what happens!

Extended Works – Here, you can find my extended, much more properly written, conventional, novel-style pieces. Subjects, genres, and topics vary but usually are non-fiction.

Boarding School – This section may include lessons, stories, motivational pieces, extended works, thoughts, or anything in-between. The reason for this category is that so much of my life the past few years has revolved around Boarding Schools, that I suspect I’ll be writing about it quite often. I will also put Boarding School essays here, as those are often requested.

Sources – This section is great because you don’t have to listen to me (that much). Instead, I will provide a very brief story about how and why I came across a source, then link it to you so you can benefit from it too!

Me. This category is all about my life. Stories, experiences, background, and other various things about my life. Articles here are written from a very objective point of view. Think of this section like a leisure novel and the others as a self-help book.

Other If it does not fit into a category, you can find it here. I cannot provide an accurate description, because I myself do not know what will be here. Only time will tell.

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