My biggest challenge yet

This website was officially deemed “ready for operations” on September 7th, 2018. Today’s date is October 7th, 2018. In total, it has taken roughly 31 days to reach this exact moment. Not to mention, this post will probably take a little over a week to go from conception to final product.

So, I had this beautiful website, which tons of time, thought and energy went into, just waiting to be used. And I was looking forward to using it! Additionally, I had a document with about 82 ideas of things I want to write about here. Yet, none of them seemed like they would make a good first post. Second or third post? Sure. But the first? This one had to be different. My first post had to be perfect.

I had many drafts. I had a “Welcome to my website!” draft, but that seemed way to generic and entirely goes against much of what I believe in. Plus, who is really gonna read that? Time is valuable, right? On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, I had very deep and theoretical, scientific drafts about time as a dimension, and ones about the psychology of our brains. They were fantastic. I’m sure I’ll eventually post them here. But none of them seemed right for an introductory post.

It was not until I was in the shower *no joke, I always get the best ideas in the shower–I’m yet to figure out why* this morning that I knew what I should write about. What better to write about, than the challenge of figuring out what to write about. It’s perfect! It’s not bland or pointless, but it also won’t give you a headache or make me seem as if I have no humanity.

It taught me something though. Or reminded me, rather. Something that the little lady stuck inside my phone who whispers “Breatheeeee Max…say ‘1’ on the inhale, and ‘2’ on the exhale” on a nightly basis had told me a few nights before. She told me that perfection is a myth. *brief interlude for anyone wondering, I use an app called “Calm” for mindfulness every night. Highly recommended, totally worth the money* Anyways, back to the story… That girl in my phone said that perfection, this thing that we strive to be and obtain every single day, was simply nonexistent. But instead a legend of bombastic proportions. Not that it was unobtainable, but that there was nothing to be obtained.

Now, we’ve all heard the classic “Don’t worry, nobody is perfect” gimmick time and time again. Now, my problem, and I think many other peoples’ with that line is, “Really? You are telling me that nobody in the entire known universe is perfect?” to which they enthusiastically respond, “Totally!” as if they have just given me the key to eternal happiness in life. The reality is, they don’t even know how much they have inspired me until I respond, “That’s freaking awesome dude! Nobody ever in history has ever been perfect. Well, somebody has gotta be the first, right? Why not me?” Its usually at that point that people either think, A. I’m messing with them. B. They don’t have time for this. C. I’m hungry. Or, D. What?

As you can see, the classic slogan has a flaw…or three. But, the idea that perfection is nonexistent is entirely different. Why would I waste precious time on something that seemingly doesn’t exist? Of course, this too came with its own caveats. But, in the end, I accepted this feat. *I’m sure I’ll have a big post about acceptance in a later post. Look for it if you are interested, and this post is more than a month old*

And so, with our first of many lessons learned together, I hope you too learned something. Even if it was indirect, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a public comment down below, or contact me directly in the “Contact Me” tab in the menu if you’d like to further discuss. I hope you stick around and consider signing up for email notifications about my new posts, also in the menu above.

Until next time, Bella ciao, ciao, ciao!

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