Due to the unpredictability of my life, there are not too many things I can consistently do. Not every school had a Model UN or a great Theater program. So sometimes, I am forced to take a temporary break from things I enjoy doing. However, no one can take away my right to take pictures!

Over the years, I have had many projects. I used to sell photos, edits, and all sorts of need-based projects. Recently, I decided to try something new. Everybody takes pictures. But, especially today, most people do not own a camera. They use the one on their phones. So I wondered, “How good of a photograph can you really take with your phone?” So, I sold my over-priced camera and other expensive equipment and replaced it with an even more over-priced iPhone X. Additionally, I purchased the Apple Upgrade Program which allows me to get the newest iPhone each year to have the most advanced Apple iPhone Cameras on the market. Currently, I am experimenting with the all-new iPhone XS MAX.

In summary, I try to take DSLR-Quality photos with an iPhone using only the onboard camera and editing software. It is worth noting that I do purchase additional photography and editing applications.

You can check out that page on Instagram with the user handle @ViewsDailyy or by clicking here.

Additionally, you should be able to see a live feed from the widget on this page. Though, it may not work on all platforms or on all devices.

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I’m sure I will have many more projects in the future revolving around my photography life. However, growing and managing this Instagram account is a ton of fun at the moment, but it is also very time-consuming!