Welcome to Tinder!

view it now Welcome to Tinder! (not the dating platform)

coupons for cialis 20 mg Is it bad I feel the need to keep reiterating that? Probably. But, I feel as if this new and vibrant section of my site needs its own introduction.

http://www.puddlesandsun.co.uk/46837-dte58164-best-dating-apps-south-florida.html I want to start this off with my favorite quote from history:
“I came to America because I heard the streets were paved with gold. When I got here, found out three things: First, the streets weren’t paved with gold; second, they weren’t paved at all: and third, I was expected to pave them.” (https://thejosevilson.com/paved-with-gold/)

I love this quote in every which way. I think it perfectly highlights America, where we came from, the American Dream itself, and so much more. Beyond that, it is just an excellent marker for life in general and reminds us of the future humanity still has ahead of it. On a final note, it’s a great motto to live by with a few edits for relevance.
Why do I bring that up? Well, as you all know, tinder is what starts a fire. But in this case, the tinder is sparking a conversation.
I always aim to make my readers think, learn and prosper. As such, my articles usually have definitive starts and ends. However, some things, okay most things, I am just not sure of. But I still want the world to think about them. And so, this tinder section is born!

Articles here will describe amorphous ideas, thoughts, philosophies, stories, and pretty much anything else you’d typically find on this site. However, you won’t find an answer or solution to the discussed topic. There is no definitive end. That part is on all of you.

I encourage you to comment your thoughts on these topics, which I may take and add them to articles in this section, and eventually maybe even re-write the pieces with a definitive answer and move them to the regular portion of this site.

I look forward to collaborating with all of you.


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